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since 2 months i am suffering from left ear hearing loss along with little pain which is sometime and tinnitus which causing me anxiety i have been to ent doc 3 times 1.1st time gave me a antibiotic for 5 days along with nasal spray and a tablet called isolone 2. i have given the same isolone for 3 days with some nasal spray 3.i have given antibiotic called curam 1g 2twice a day with neurobion once daiy and a nasal spray for 30 days all these is not fixing my problem day by day i am having more anxiety so i went to make audio test along with pressure test and a ct scan finally ct scan says that i have ( mastiodities ) on my left ear ..i am in UAE and good doctors are difficult to find ..My home in karachi at gulshane iqbal i am planning to travel just for my ear problem please advice


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Sorry to hear about your ear problem.
You are doing right thing by traveling to Pakistan. Please don't forget to bring your scan films not only the result paper.
If there is one sided hearing loss this has to be looked intro to decide if it is you're hearing nerve which is causing the loss or you have pressure problems begins


MBBS, FACS (USA), FRCS (Ed. UK) | Lahore

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If you have pressure problems causing your symptoms.
You can travel to Lahore as well for this and get your self treated.


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Slam,have to examine you After that can guide you


Is there any kind of discharge from left ear? Need to examine first before any opinion.


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get pure tone audiometry(PTA) n tympanometry from an audiologist. Display the report, only then I'll be in a better position to give u advice which will be beneficial for u Insha Allah

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