Excessive Sneezing At Morning


I am facing excessive sneezing problem. In morning when I wake up for fajar prayer it's starts after wadoo. I sneeze tens of times consecutively along with running nose. Most of the time when I lay down and cover my nose it stops but sometimes the issue gets serious and continue for whole day and stops after taking antibiotics. I have consulted renowned Lahore ENT specialist and after months of treatment each one had suggested different solution and none of it satisfied me. After focusing on my problem I understood that it's an allergy which is triggered by following and cannot be controlled: 1- weather change (temperature) AC room to non AC. 2- Dust. 3- face Washing in morning. 4- perfumes or any powerful smell. My face x- ray shows that my cheeks and forehead are filled with mucus which continuously drops in my throat and I have to spit out. Now I request you to please suggest me a treatment or a doctor who have treated this before, i want to get rid of this problem. I am having


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Dr. Sadaf Rafat Please help


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please help

2 years ago

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