Irritation And Running Blood From Nose


My son is having some problem in his Nose. Suddenly blood start running from his nose. Dr gave him some nasal drops but he did not let us put them in his nose. I'm much worried. Is there any other way (other than drops) that could help us? He cannot breathe properly due to this issue.


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there can be many reasons for bleeding from nose .. most common of which is nasal picking with finger n eventual trauma because of nails.. but again .. it might be something notorious .. child is needed to be examined properly to find out the reason n proper diagnosis .. I don't think simple nasal drops will help controlling the bleeding for long.. do share which drops ? plus frequency of bleeding and amount and for how long?
proper history n examination is required .. please seek proper Ent consultation.. tc


You can apply ployfax eye ointment in nose twice daily for 2weeks.
This can be done while child is sleeping. Just put nozle of tube at nose opening and squeeze it so thatnit goes in , than gently rub nose ,Soft part,from outside.
Note: polyfax eye oint is sterilized and better as compared to skin oint

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