Nose Issue


When I talk to someone continuously, like 1 hour. After that I feel some kind of itching internal in my nose. Moreover, I feel that when I breathe in, the air is going directly in my brain. I feel better after 30,40 minutes of break (not speaking) I don't know how to describe it, but I hope this makes sense. Please tell me what kind of issue is this? And its remedy? Thank you all in advance!


Asma Salman

Dr. will reply you till monday inshaAllah. It will help you.


Post Owner

Thank you!

3 years ago



actualy dear...this is insufficient history...A doctor has to examin the patient to reach a daignosis...
like duration of the condition and can u smell things properly?
but one problum this history suggests is of dry airways....tha irritates the breather...

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