Runny Nose

I have extremely runny nose.. and nose is felt like block Discharge is of white color or transparent It has been going on for few months now.. It stops when medication is used for few days or home remedies like joshanda etc..


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You might be suffering from allergic or vasomotor rhinitis.. which requires thorough history n examination .. can't advice any medication without examining the patient myself ..


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Get ur x ray p n s done nd show to e nt specialist


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Good evening,
It's hard to diagnose on the basis of symptoms only. You better visit some
ENT specialist for detailed examination for better solution.



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Wash your nose with Normal saline 2 to 3 times a day
Rinoclenil nasal spray. 2 times in nose
Tab. Telfast 120 mg. 1 daily at night
For 1 month
Avoid dust and smoke by applying nasal mask
Aboid spicy diet if you have allergy