Nose Bone

6 years ago I got into accident and that accident affected my nose severely. My nose bone is bent on the right side and their is a bump on my nose too. After that accident I have flu all the time. Will you recommend me to go for operation or plastic surgery? Are their any good doctors in Pakistan. Is bone operation or surgery dangerous ?


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Most likely you need SeptoRhinoplasty for the correction of external appearance and nasal passages for breathing. Do consult some ENT surgeon, most of ENT people do this surgery. I'm also doing it since long.


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You have two different issues..One is flue and other is deviation of nasal structure.You need septorhinoplasty and management of flue.You can come to us at Patel hospital


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Look it depends if you have had a shape change and nasal blockage as well then you may need bigger surgery like improvement of shape of your nose and also imporovemnt from inside the nose through surgery but if you have allergic issues than can be managed medically without surgery . There are good surgeons available for your problem in Pakistan . Need to have a look and then can guide you better .
Thank you