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I have pain in my right outer ear part almost every morning when I wake up. Additional info:

- I have a jaw clenching habit, maybe I do that at night as I've seen my retainers worn and torn - My right and left jaw sides make clicking noises, specially when I eat which is itself a big problem for me and very annoying - I have been on Prozac and tapering off currently - I sleep on my left ear but pain is on the right side and sometimes gets too much to even touch though I can fold the ear lobe - Pain goes away later in the day itself

Please advise.

Many thanks and good day!

Ent Specialist in Lahore - Dr. Sohail Qadir
Dr. Sohail Qadir - Ent Specialist

MBBS, MS (ENT) | Lahore

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

i believe it is due to reffered otalgia auriculotemporal nerve both supplies the TM joint and outer part of ear too... you should stop jaw clenching habit... and use NSAIDS(brufen with codine) for some time like for a month... and use topical gel like froben over right TM joint

Ent Surgeon in Rahim Yar Khan - Dr. Masood Ahmad
Dr. Masood Ahmad - Ent Surgeon

MBBS, DLO | Rahim Yar Khan

review-stars 10 Positive Reviews

The pain May in your rt tempromendiibular joint or in your ear canal which needs proper check up . For the time being take Tab Bruges 400 mg . Often meals and don’t clean your ears.

Ent Surgeon in Hyderabad - Prof. Dr. Rais Uddin Siddiqui
Prof. Dr. Rais Uddin Siddiqui - Ent Surgeon

MBBS, MCPS, DLO, M.S | Hyderabad

review-stars 31 Positive Reviews

according ur history pain is bcz of a small joint temporo mandible joint disturbances . joint moves during chewing and opening of mouth . apply warm towel pressure on it fot 2-3 minutes daily .use Tab Froben 100mg at bed time

Member of Marham-Forum

Thank you doctors for your prompt and helpful responses. Bless you!

One more thing, the pain goes after sometime / usually few hrs or so I never really had to take any pain killers - thankfully.

I also have that clicking sound from my left side too. Like right now, if I open my mouth; the right side makes proper clicking sound and when I close it then a bit toned down sound from left side.

I try not to clench my jaw when I am awake but I think in my sleep I do it involuntarily.

Should I see a dentist or an ENT specialist for my problem?

Thank you so very much! ????????

Ent Surgeon in Karachi - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maisam Abbas
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maisam Abbas - Ent Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

review-stars 11 Positive Reviews

This is bruxism. A maxillofacial surgeon may help u better

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