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My eyebrows and eyelashes keep twitching very frequently. It is difficult to talk to people, look at screen and more importantly, it is damaging my confidence. Kindly advise medicine. Thanks

Optometrist in Lahore - Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit - Optometrist

BS Vision Sciences, JCAHPO Certified, M.A Special Education Scholar in Visual Impairment. | Lahore

review-stars 6 Positive Reviews

Stress, Lack of sleep, eye strain, Dry eyes and nutritional deficiencies are some major causes. If you have greater screen time then use artificial eye drops frequently while working. Check your sleep cycle.nutrinous Healthy food with time routine. Also get checkup for Evaluation of Eye dryness or some other cause.

Eye Specialist in Multan - Dr. Rao Muhammad Arif Khan
Dr. Rao Muhammad Arif Khan - Eye Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Ophthalmology), MCPS (Ophthalmology), Fellowship In Pediatric Ophthalmology | Multan

review-stars 4 Positive Reviews

consult Eyeconic EyeCare

Optometrist in Lahore - Mr.Taimur Khan
Mr.Taimur Khan - Optometrist

BSc. (Hons) in Vision Sciences | Lahore

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

eye twitching can be caused by dry eyes, fatigue, caffeine consumption, stress and certain medication.
it can be reduced by.
1)get enough sleep 7-8 hours
2) try to reduce your stress
3) reduce or eliminate caffeine intake especially in form of tea, coffee and energy drinks.
4) drink plenty of water
5) use lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes moist and reduce dryness
6) if twitching is caused by medication talk to your Doctor about adjusting your dosage.

if twitching continues and also some other symptoms like pain, vision loss or fascial spasm. then you should consult a health care professionals to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Homeopath in Mirpur Khas - Dr. Ghufran Ali Siddiqui

Homeopathy has a good approach to treat such types of conditions , you may consult through Marham App with me. please it is by birth or started newly.


Post Owner

It's a new condition. I'm diabetic for 4 years. This condition seems to be result of it.

2 months ago

Counselor in Rahim Yar Khan - Ms. Hafiza Tooba Komal
Ms. Hafiza Tooba Komal - Counselor

MSc Applied Psychology | Rahim Yar Khan

1. Try stress reduction methods such as exercise, breathing exercises, or meditation.
2. Get more sleep.
3. Drinking less caffeine.
4. Drinking more water.
5. Eat healthy food.
6. Stop using mobile phones about an hour before going to bed.
If you notice the twitching has lasted for more than two weeks. Similarly, if your eyelid is becoming painful or you notice any other changes in your eye health or vision, it's important to see a medical professional to make sure.

General Physician in Islamabad - Dr. Hanif Khan
Dr. Hanif Khan - General Physician

MBBS | Islamabad

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do you cant keep eye contack ?


Post Owner

Yes it's difficult to maintain eye contact when eyelashes are moving frequently

2 months ago

General Physician in Islamabad - Dr. Hanif Khan
Dr. Hanif Khan - General Physician

MBBS | Islamabad | Book Appointment

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

this is due diabetes

in diabetes sometimes nerve get damages especially which control eyes.

causes these symtoms ..

reduce caffiene intake

and Book Appointment for Proper management

2 months ago

Optometrist in Lahore - Arooba Malik
Arooba Malik - Optometrist

Doctor of Optometry | Lahore

-Dry eyes could be a cause of eye twitching, use artificial Tear drops for that purpose
-Strained eye lid resulting from excessive screen time could also be the result, Take 20 seconds break while using phone and look at wall or distant object
-Disturbed sleep cycle may be the cause, take 7-8hrs sleep
- Minimize energy drinks, caffeine intake.
- Get eye screening for decrease vision from nearby optometrist

----Most importantly use ice packs or warm compress (garam kpre ka takor kren)..
INSHALLAH it would be resolved


Post Owner

Thanks a lot Dr Arooba

1 month ago

Optometrist in Vehari - Arooba Malik
Arooba Malik - Optometrist

Doctor of Optometry | Vehari | Book Appointment

No problem sir, Healthy eyes matter alot

1 month ago

Optometrist in Jampur - Mr. Muzammil Nazeer Usmani
Mr. Muzammil Nazeer Usmani - Optometrist

B.Sc (Hons) in Vision Sciences | Jampur

most probably it's Eyelids myokymia..

it has various reasons including lack of sleep, High tea intake, Depression, Anxiety etc.

Treat underlying cause...

Take Vitamin C Supplements..

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