Allergic Rhinitis

Hi I'm Rameez suffering from bad allergy don't knowing the reason it makes me wake up during night n experiencing moderate chest pain without explanation of 1 week


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What you feel
Have you feel itching if yes yes then which site of body


Hi try to rule out what type of allergy u r suffering it is assoc with any other symptom or not have u feel itching with it do u have pets at ur home or do any member in ur home have asthma?if u have chest pain then must be rule out take one visit to nearest gp as well thanks dr Rabia


samid khan

my dear all sir i have a chronic sinusitis frome since 042-32591427, very treatment but failed i have done 3 opration done 1 in Rawalpindi dr.ajmal ent for FUNCTIONAL ENDOSCOPY SINUS SURGERY 1 in Peshawar kth 1 in bannu but i am not good filled .
burden on my head and heart
Rfesh Air not pass to my brain (head) and heart. Astma .frontall sinus blocked.
i am very said .plz every dr and brother help me plz I am sami khan frome bannu kpk plz something tell me plz 042-32591427, my number