Anxiety N Left Side Muscular Pain


from 1.5 years ago I hv Gad n panic disorder. but now from about 8 months I hv lefts side chest, ribs shoulder n arm pain that I cant do any hard work with left hand. ecgs done its all ok. doctor told me vit(d) deficiency n weak muscles n bones. what should i do for the pain n weak muscles ?

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Dr. Sheraz Masood

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DrNaeem Chaudry

You need to take exercise to keep your muscle in healthy condition
Plus exercise and sports will help you overcome anxiety

This seems to be anxiety related so You may consult a psychiatrist which will help


Aoa u need to get x-ray cervical spine AP and lateral view. please get it
done and review. Zi am aval fir any query


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x ray for what purpose ? is that serious issue ?

2 years ago

Prof. Dr. Javed Akram - General Physician

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Aoa must be examined by a competent physician to reach a diagnosis and treatment


If u want u can try the quranic therapy that wud help u with ur anixiety and panic disorder... visit
N if i hv any other qurations, u can comtact me

Dr. Farah Faizan - Dietitian/Nutritionist

MBBS, PGD, MS, MCPS | Rawalpindi

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dear pt
it can be viy d/ calcium deffeciency, or frozen shoulder, use good supplements and a neurophysician and orthopedic re consultation.

Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

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I dont think u have anxiety issues only. There could be compression of the nerves in neck causing pain like that. Recently i operated similar case in which all problems were due to an extra rib in neck.
Do u also have coldness in left hand or discolouration (blueness) of fingers off an on?
If yes then Get an xray c spine and consult me.

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