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Its been a couple of weeks that am having blood plus clots in my saliva. Especially when i wake up in the morning and i spit in the basin i find it either pale red or with thread like blood clots. I dont have chest infaction neither an upset tummy. And i have gone to ENT and general physician but no help so far.

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MRCP (UK), FRCP (LONDON), FRCP (Edinburgh), FACC (USA), FACP (USA), FASIM (USA) | Lahore

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Aoa this may be serious so must consult with a competent physician who will diagnose and treatment


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Thanks for replying and yup will visit soon. Inn shaa Allah.

2 years ago


BDS, RDS | Karachi

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I think it may be Gum problem (Spontaneous Gum bleeding), This happens when patients have Gum infection (gingivitis).

Your gum bleeds when you brush also, right ? if yes, then Visit a dentist to start gum treatment.

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