Difference In BP

Is it ok to have difference in blood pressure readings in both arms? whenever I measure, there is almost difference of 15-16 units in systolic and 10-11 in dystolic. I just measured my BP now, because I am feeling very weak and energyless today. my readings are Right Arm = 128/75 pulse 103 Left arm = 112/64 pulse 94 which reading should I consider correct? Is there some issue in having difference in BP in both sides?


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where are you located ? call me on cell , cant type . 042-32591427,


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Its not normal to have that much difference.
i will adv you to see a vascular surgeon as it may be narrowing of your blood vessels causing difference in BP.
Full assessment by a vascular surgeon is mandatory.


Visit to nearest Cardiologist is it not ok any pathalogy behind it to rule
out investigate by cardiology centre or cardiologist