My father has fistula according to the dr he reccomends fituagram..z this test necessary or it can b treated with medication only..the test cost around 7000 z it necessary to go for such costly test without any initial medication...he has infections in hiz throat in his throat 4 5 times in last 6 7 months for which he took various antibiotcs but infection com3 again n again z his boddy immune system z not responding for such various infections happen day by day

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It is necessary and surgery is the modality best for him. Meds do not work


Dear. Fistulogram is a radiological test which confirm the type of fistula and location of fistula. The sight and location of fistula has to be confirmed first to be confirmed before treatment. And the treatment is mostly surgical. Depending upon the location and type. Regarding the throat infection it should be rules out that infection is due to viral acuse or bacterial cause. Virus do not responds to antibiotics. For that u have to consult near by specialist.


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Thanks for consulting and hope you will get better vision.

As your father has fistula and you are asking for fistulagram or

Firstly I would like to know the cause of fistula means why its happened
either after surgery or medical problems
2. its simple or complicated
3. it will re-occur or not
4. Treatment after fistulagram
5. Curable or not
6. Other medical conditions
7. Prognosis and failures

Means fistula is usually complication and there would be cause so 1st try
to find the cause and then treat considering all above parameters.

Try to understand all aspects, not only one test. Your aim should be
Overall patient health.

Alternate is provide medical report.


If a doctor has advised after examination... then his wordings prevail
Although in some cases... one can proceed without fistulogram or expensive tests. there is no need.
You can directly proceed to surgery. which itself is not costly procedure in govt setup. or private!

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