Fungal Infection

I have fungal infection from months.. Zolanox travocort Advantan Lomexin all are useless . it comes again. What should i do.


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Which part its affected and since when you are having this complain.. whats your job? And get your blood sugar test done.


Hina Ghole

Which part of body is affected .
A clear and well lit picture of your infection would help alot .


Where you have fungus?


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Aoa must consult with a competent physician who will diagnose the cause ant then treat


Fungal infection from mouths ? I can't understand.who diagnosed you with fungal infection.which area of body.? How long? What are complains? How long? Any lab tests?


DrNaeem Chaudry

Plz give following details
1. Which part of body is effected??
2. How are you sure that it is fungal infection??
3. The treatment details with doses and duration and any lapses in taking drug at proper time
4. Any pics of effected area