she use tramel injection for headaches.9 injection 3,3,3=9 in 24 hours.now it not work.she can,t sleep day or night.now what can i do sir???


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Dr. Affan Zada Please Help


Tramel or tramal??? Did someone prescribe it to or u r taking it on ur own???


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Please provide complete history..
Since when does she have these headaches?? For how long does a single episode of headache lasts?? Any other associated symptoms, like blurring of vision, double vision, nausea, Vomiting, lethargy?? Any relation with menstrual cycle??
Any medications she is regularly taking?? Headache is Unilateral (one side)?? Nasal blockage/congestion??



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headaches problm when she was 12 year old.now she married & she 30 year old.first time headaches crycle one time in a week for 1 or 2 days.she use panadol,disprin does.when she was born his mother in headaches problm.now she in this problem.doctor says she was in this problem because his mother in this problm when she was born.i will send you his reports or medicen.

1 year ago