this is my situation... My anus is so swollen I can't get stool out. I have hemorrhoids. I can't pass the stool cause my butt is completely swollen... And the really nice part is I have diherea behind it which has been coming out here and there because I have taken a lot of fiber water and stool softeners. absolutely dread trying to make a bowel movement I break down in tears everytime I try, and most times I give up before Im done. I can feel my stool right at the surface of my anus and its hard as a rock. I've tried to just relax and let it come out but even then I find myself clenching my anus shut becuase it feels like a ball of thumb tacks tryng to come out.Any suggestions to make it easier to poop or something to numb my anus (if a such thing exists) .It feels like pieces of glass trying to come out. it's very painful. I have applied Tronolane before but it's not helping.and using G. T. N. I am taking Daflon. 500 mg too.


U need to consult a surgeon in person... coz the cases like these needs surgical intervention


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suggest someone in Lahore please

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