Hello. ..i have facing a problem of ejection of rectum with fecal matter and then i have to push it back ..it also came out a little bit when sitting on legs but it doesn't cause pain or bleeding. .someone says that it is hemorrhides. plz guide me in best way now i am in a very bad situation Plz. .


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For this you have to visit a General Surgeon for proper Examination and proctoscopy.
If you have constipation you have to control it by taking diet rich in fibers and take plenty of water in a day minimum twelve glass in a day.


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Thanks for sharing your query . As far as your problem of Haemoroids. This needs to be examined and further assessment is required. Kindly visit any doctor or Orooj clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment. 


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please get yourself properly assessed in clinic, what type it is, thats decides the type of treatment,


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Aoa thank you and need to consult a good doctor who can examine and treat you accordingly inshAllah