Liver Test: High ALT Foud

I got a blood test a year ago and my AST was 61 and ALT was 81. I got another test recently. Now my AST is normal (33) and ALT is still high (75). What more tests I need to have to be sure about the health of my liver?


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Do hBSAg and anti HCV. Ultrasound whole abdomen. And sugar test.


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The hepatitis tests are negative. The ultrasound report shows a little fatty liver, though I am a lean person with hardly any fats on my body, except for a little belly.

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Kindly show to Good Gasteroenterologist, may be some sort of fatty liver
or anything else in liver so he should examine you and can treat you.


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This is further to my question about high ALT level (71)
My hepatitis tests are negative. I am attaching herewith my ultrasound reports.

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