Pain In Lower Abdomen


Dear doctors, I sleep around 1am at night. I drink 4 litres of water during 24 hours period. Almost daily I am having pain in lower abdomen the moment I wake up. I wake up at Fajr with full bladder (sometimes wake up around 3 am as well) with pain in lower abdomen as if the bladder will burst. I pass urine and it gets better but the slight pain persists for a while. I drink water again as I feel thirsty with dry mouth and throat. This problem happens more when I sleep in Air conditioned ON. Is this pain normal? Or how can I avoid full bladder. Is my bladder so small it can't handle 200ml of water that I drink before sleeping?

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Dear its not jus that 200 that u drink before sleeping but the water u take during the wholr day... basic concept us the ppl who drink more water tend to pee more... wat u can do is try not drinking water before u sleep or getup n pee during ur sleep... use the alarm for some days till ur routine sets


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Thank you for your answer and advice. I would like to know that is the pain normal? And the pain happens almost daily? Will it affect my other organs?

2 years ago

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