Post Typhied Affects

Dear sir about six months ago I suffered from Typhied disease after that I completed the medical course for Typhied and did completely bed rest for two months even much care about my diet and water. but I am still feeling tired every time and I have not energy in my body as it was before disease. I consulted different doctors but they said I have not any disease. I can't walk a long, during walk some time I feel that I will fell down. I have not balanced in my body. It feels moving the body. Some time after travel by vehicle it feels move the body. Please guide to me about my tention.


MBBS, MCPS Family Medicine | Karachi

Have you checked your Blood pressure and sugar. If not then please check it. Also have an ECG.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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This is a very common scenario after typhoid. Get yourself examined. It is
very much possible that you don't have any disease but still another
examination should be done. May be only vitamin supplements help you


MBBS, Dip(Diabetes), Dip(Gastro), Special Interest in Infectious Diseases | Lahore


Can you please share with me the tests you have done to diagnose Typhoid? The medicines/prescription to treat Typhoid & last but not the least any recent lab test reports?

Prayers all always with you,

Dr. Asif