Right Leg Hip Pain

AOA. my name is imtiaz paracha. I am 46. when i sit cross legs in mosque or home flour a swear pains starts up in right hip and travels upto my groins. similarly when i sit on sofa or bed foam same pain starts. sometimes my leg also get numb. pls help me out in resoving my issue.


G apko kub sy ye masla hy? Hip mei kisi khas jaga dard hota hy? Koi injury wagaira tu nhi? Aur apny abb tuk kia dawai try ki hy?


W salam. Querry of hip pain and numbess. Most probably u r having nerve compression in the lumbosacral (hip) region. U need an MRI of lumbosacral spine. Please do ur MRI scan and consult neurophysician nearby. For pain managemnet u can take painkiller Tablet. Arthrotec 50mg.Tablet. Gabapentim 100mg. 


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aoa imtiaz saheb . what's your height and weight?
are you a diabetic patient?
or having high blood pressure?
since how long you are suffering from the pain . how it started . any
history of accident or fall ?