Swelling In Left Leg

i slipped from stairs in december 2015 and got tisses injury. had my xray done at that time and no fracture was found. doctor gave chymerol forte danzen ds caflam and some topical pain reliever gel. the injury took approx 3 mnths to heal properly but after that my left leg got bit swelled up specially from area of calf muscles. to my worry this same leg gets swelled very frequently like whenever i have hectic routine with more physical activity swelling increases. i am quite over wt 85 kgs with 5'7 height, one of the orthopedician recommended me to reduce weight as ths overweight is causing exertion on my legs for that also i am trying hard to bring my weight down. can some one please guide me how to control this swelling and reduce the swelling of calf area of left leg.


If significant swelling ? Swelling up to knees or above? Do Doppler ultrasound swollen leg.Better to reduce weight


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it is significant from knee till ankle

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Aoa thank you and need a thorough checking by a competent physician and investigations for diagnosis and treatment


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