Thick Mucous In Stool

A.o.a Sir i went to khi in first week of this month for the first time and next day i felt fever went to doctor but got fever for two days with chills after that third day i got diarhea problem and mucous in stool then blood in stool i came back in this situation but m not getting better i still hv large amount of mucous in stool and some times blood also poop looks fine but first mucous comes and then poop mucous is thick and yes i have pain in lower abdominal i also noticed that amount and pressure of urine is less i go to toilent very frequent when i come out then i feel urge to go toilet again feeling very tired and weakness in legs and feet kindly tell me what to do thanks


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you should immediately go to nearby hospital and get checked by physician . you are dehydrated severly .


Please get a urine DR to rule out any urinary infection


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It shows having malabsorption features with small gut involved
You must do Stool Analysis and then get proper checkup and medicine