Typhoid Fever

Test reported Typhidot IgM and Typhoid IgG both are positive. Typhidot IgG is 2.35 and Typhidot IgM is 2.07 ,tell me if both positive what its mean???? And plz suggest me good doctor for typhoid fever treatment.


It means yoyre having acute infection of salmonella thyphi..inshort thyphyiod feverTake tab ciproexen 500mg twice a dayTab tercica 300mg twice a day for adult patients for 7 days


Did I get lfts CBC and usg . Typhoid fever is diagnosed clinically lab tests r not reliable


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Aoa these are only antibodies based tests and mean nothing without a clinical examination. I suggest you see a competent physician to reach a diagnosis and treatment


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dear pt
your report suggests that you had a previous infection as well as recent infection too, kindly see a good physician for assesment and further medicinal and diet management.