Unexplained LUQ Pain


Have been experiencing pain below left rib cage that goes to the back and the sides Gp performed X-rays and blood tests Only iron is low and all tests were normal I started nexium and eating boiled stuff my pain subsided But it's on the left side and not very sharp When I eat oily or spicy stuff pain starts and stay for two hours Kindly advice


According to your complaints your pain might indicate a gastric ulcer. You need to get checked by a specialist gastroentrologist who might advice endoscopy(visual examination of the intestine via a camera). Meanwhile abstain from oily and spicy food as u r already doing.


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Aoa thank you and you need a thorough examination by a competent physician to reach a diagnosis and treatment


aoa please get ur ultrasound abdomen done.. May be tere is problem with


DrNaeem Chaudry

You must get your self examined from a Gastroenterologist
until that time
plz do following
1. take two serving of curd daily
2. Take one glass of Lassi daily
3. Walk 30 minutes daily
4. Take two table spoon of honey daily

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