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Hi, I had breast pain along with lumpy feeling in lower breast 5months back.i consulted gyne doctor who didn't find anything and had clear ultrasound(that time I was 3weeks pregnant) 4weeks back due to continuous pain I was referred to breast clinic where breast surgeon assessed and find some nodularity in breast along with fibrodenoma and asked to go for breast ultrasound .However breast ultrasound showed only pregnancy related changes I am feeling more lumps in my upper breast which are new .Are they due to pregnancy or should I need to be worried .i am 19weeks pregnant and 2nd time mom

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Dr. Almas Qazi

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I appears harmless condition, it is related to harmone changes in early
pregnancy .
In pregnancy, and this age wait and see , repeat ultrasound after three
months .
Examining doctors opinion is more relevant.
Dr. Aftab

Dr. Basalat Hussain - Plastic Surgeon

MBBS, MRCS (Edinburgh), MS (Plastic Surgery) | Karachi

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AoA ,
Well it looks like pregnancy changes only , if it is non malignant then
nothing to worry abt

Dr. Ehsan -ur- Rehman - General Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Some ladies have modular breasts, first pl tell me about the other Breast,
is that nodular as well or only one Breast Is modular , then I shall give
you my opinion

Dr. Shahzad Alam Shah - General Surgeon

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Thanks for the consult
The history and findings that you are describing are usually attributed to
the usual changes that develop in pregnancy and under hormonal influences
breasts become engorged and nodular. However even if it is fibroadenoma
(that is not painful condition) you should not worry and get it managed
after pregnancy.


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Thank you for your reply .Breast surgeon just mentioned nodulairty the ultrasound didn't show anything

1 year ago

Dr. Ehsan -ur- Rehman - General Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Sorry for wrong spellings, pl read as NODULAR and not modular

Dr. Sadaqat Ali Khan - General Surgeon

MBBS, MCPS(Gen surg), FRCSEd, FICS(USA) | Lahore

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I will suggest to drink plenty of lukewarm water daily with honey added
such changes are seen following pregnancy and reviewed by me or any breast
surgeon in 6 weeks time.
Prof Sadaqat Ali khan

Dr. Aamir Jameel - General Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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these changes seems to be pregnancy related under influence of harmones.
Repeat scan after 3 months
if nodularity still persist after pregnancy then consult and have complete examination.

Dr. Movahid Anwer - General Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS (Surgery) | Multan

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U can wait untill delivery

Dr. Aamir Hussain - General Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS (General Surgery), Dip (General Surgery), Dip (Laproscopic Surgery) | Quetta

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hi dear thanks for inquiry. Breast is a very dynamic body organ with plenty of processes going on in it corresponding to various phases of female physiology. It increases and decreases even during a menstrual cycle. It also responds to hormonal changes in pregnancy by increasing in size and preparing for baby feeding. Lumpiness is not uncommon in breast therefore. if your tissue biopsy or FNAC is fine and you do not have symptoms, there is no need to worry. Otherwise you might need excision.


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Thank you for your reply .Biopsy was not done because ultrasound didn't show about lump or anything

1 year ago

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