Best General Surgeon In Lahore

General Surgeon is a surgical specialist that perform all the surgeries related to the abdomen and general including small bowel, colon, liver pancreas, bile duct, gynecology oncology, pediatric, urology colon, rectal, and peripheral vascular surgery. These surgeons also deal with immunology, metabolism, nutrition, gastroscopy, and colonoscopy. In nutshell, these surgeons are specialized in many common and general diseases. The general surgeon is highly qualified to provide surgical care for the patient. This also includes making a diagnosis, preoperative, operative and postoperative, counseling, and long-term care of the patient. General surgeons are also doing appendix and other minor surgeries i.e knee replacement, hernia, biopsy, and thyroid surgery.  Other than organ removal or transplantation also one by professional and well-trained surgeons. Here is a list of certified and best general surgeons in Lahore. Feel free & book your online appointment today!