Assalam o alaikum, My father is 80 yrs of age having pfoblem of hernia he is having this problem since 5 years. He is also Diabatic DM 2 on insulin he is also week. hernia is large in size. now my father told that he is felling pain.he feel sever pain when coughing. my father once visted surgon he told that at this age we will not operate you because of age factor, weeknes, & sugar please advise me some good suggestion thanks & regard


If hernia is giving problem and there is the age factor as well. Then it can be operated under local anesthesia. An experienced surgeon should do it. So better take opinion of a well reputed experienced surgeon at your area or in Lahore where I belong to.
Best regards, Dr. Ahmad Nadeem


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Get it operated under Local anesthesia. I do that too.
dr R U,
midcity hosp, lhr


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The treatment of hernia is surgery. It's true sometimes because of age and
other factors it's difficult to operate upon.
However when hernia becomes complicated and surgery is required this is
possible in a proper set up where anesthesia facilities and surgical
expertise are available .
Proper patient evaluation is very important.


Hernia can always be operated regardless of the age
It can even be done even under local anesthesia


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When hernia becomes painful, it means it has become obstructed, is an
emergency, which if get strangulated, (next stage of obstruction),if not
operated immediately can be life threatening , therefore you should contact
some responsible Surgeon for definitive advice


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he can safely undergo operation for hernia at my hospital.we will first
investigate his fitness for surgery and then proceed.pl intimate me if this
person or his family wants to proceed i will forward appointment for him to
be seen.

Prof sadaqat Ali Khan

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