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Assalam u Alaikum! My daughter is suffering from pain in her anal area since last 5-6 days. She is an unmarried girl. She is suffering through constipation since childhood. She was ignoring the pain since these last few days but now it's impossible for her to ignore it and the is at it's highest peak today. She wants to ignore the stool passing as she is afraid of the after pain but she has to and definitely at the time of passing of the stool she puts a lot pressure just because she suffers from constipation. Please recommend me a best lady affordable doctor.


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Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Can you please help


Dear for now, give her two glycerine sposteries. Ths will help her pass the stool with minimal pain n for check up, plz list ur city

Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

MBBS (KEMU), FRCS (Vascular Surgery), MRCS (UK), MCEM (UK), FCPS (Pak), F Vasc Surg (UK) | Lahore

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Aoa dear,
Looks like your daughter is suffereing from Anal Fissure due to constipation. There is a range of treatment for it, some medical some surgical. Pl come to clinic for proper assessment and further treatment.
meanwhile take syp lilac 10ml once to twice a day to soften the stools so that she donot has to strain for it.
Dr R U.
Midcity hosp, Lhr

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