Swelling In The Neck

Assalam walaikum Two days back I spotted on small , hard bump on my neck with no pain. Mom and dad assumed it to be tonsils. I then visited a near by polyclinic...even after taking ultrasound..the GP wouldn't trace the reason of the bump ...said it wasn't attached to any organ...but asked us to do FNAC ...I then went toa Hospital ..our insurance had expired anyway.. so I went to this female surgeon and she listed me a number of tests to be done which would cost about 1200Sr or more. I thought she is coning us into unnecessary tests. So decided to take a second opinion . Visited Another doc of the same hospital and he said he would give me medicine. If it would go on that medicine it's good or he would completely remove it after 15 days. I have had ear pain and headache a week before. Don't know if related but constipating since a 2-3 weeks been to doc ...after that tried on eggs diet for weight loss ...but had light green pooped for once only ....this all happened recently.


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Aoa dear.
There is a long list of diagnosis for a lump in this area.
full history and examination and relevant investigation will be required to reach a diagnosis.
get assessed properly,


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Seems Lymph Node associated with infection in ear/ throat , nothing to
worry abt will resolve itself, just inform me do u have a weight loss in
back days??


s faisal

Dr can you tell the connection between swallow lymph nodes and weight loss??? I had also suffered this few months back

11 months ago


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Dear Pt,
This is not at all because of tonsils,you go for a course of medicine for
07 days, like Tab Augumentin BD 1 Gm twice a day, I think your Dictor might
have given you a similar course of medicine, if you don't get relieve , pl
go for FNAC of bump , then send its report to me, pl don't go for removal


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Neck lumps needs to be evaluated.
Although most are due to certain minor infections of the surrounding area.
May be it is because of ear or throat infection in your case that may
settle down after a course of antibiotics or spontaneously.
However it is better to get it investigated and follow the instructions of
a Surgeon.

Dr Shahzad Alam Shah