Breast Injury

I got a breast injury due to rough foreplay which lead to some infection. Apparently. Skin is dry and seems like clot but I am feeling pain. On first day, after this issue, I took a bath from warm Water and then, condition got worse. Some watery liquid as we get in wounds was visible and I was unable to wear a shirt. Now, pain is less, however, I am. Still feeling it. I took beflam, veprox and rex tablets twice a day for three days. Please help.



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Please consult a gynaecologist or female surgeon for examination and then treatment will be advised.


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Thanks better to be seen by gynacologist may be breast abcess nd needs to drain


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Just put bepanthene cream TDS and mycitracin cream TDS , and u will be fine , InshaaAllah


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering marham for your health Consultation.
- Dear it was trauma would have some local accumulation and Reaction as well but severity ,grading and need for any intervention need to be Evaluated .
-keep on taking warm baths twice a day ,have tab ponstan 500 mgs 8 hrly for pain can have local antibiotics or analgesics ,but better to have oral as well to prevent any pus accumulation and to speed Recovery .
tab augmentin 625 mgs 8 hrly and tab metronidazole 400mgs 8 hrly for 5 days .
- have one breast Examination with Breast Specialist or might need on mamogram as well to clearly check extent of affected area.
- I hope this all will help u .don't take stress but keep on checking amount of discharge draining this discharge might need to send labs to check.
- best of luck.

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