Hb Report And Miss Periods


2 month pehlay intercourse huwa tha then after this there is no periods all the reports are negative like strips test, ultrasound and blood test doctor give medicine and after taking the medicine after 6 days there is alot of bleeding which last for 5 days after that then waiting for next period to come but again there is no period and there is severe belly ache with motion and than doctor take blood tests in which hg is low.. What does this means is there still chance of pregnancy??? Please reply fast humble request to you and what should do next and i am attaching the reports. Thankyou


Masood Khan

Dear Concerned
There is no chance of pregnancy but you are facing severe low blood levels and hormonal imbalance.If you are interested in homeopathic treatment then contact through email at {doctorpirzad(AT) y a h o o (DOT) C o m } ........... or sms at zero triple three five double one two zero nine six. My clinic is in Islamabad and i have 28 years of clinical practicing experience
H Dr Pirzada


MBBS, MCPS (Obstetrics & Gynecology), PGD(Nutrition), CBC (Advance Ultrasound), | Islamabad

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Dear client,u need to hv thorough examination and investigations...do ur bhcg so tht v come to know about ur pregnancy...ur report only shows iron deficiency anemia...it has nothing to do wth ur pregnancy but it shows tht ur hb levels r low-due to less iron intake...do ur Bhcg levels and then v can go further in managing ur case...important is ruling out ur pregnancy and then rest of the stuff...there cud b other reasons for not hvg ur periods but ur history shows one sexual event...aft bhcg results v can come to some conclusion...hope my reply is concise enough to satisfy you...thx

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