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Aao, my periods are 9days late today and it has happened for the first time. Before this, they have been very regular. As advised by the doctors on Marham, I got my bHCG blood test done on 7th day of my missed period and the reports came out negative (<1.20 mIU/mL). I took many home pregnancy tests too and they were all negative too. Doctors on this forum advised me to take Primolut n if the test is negative, so can you please suggest me the dosage of this medicine for inducing periods. Thank you!


MBBS, FCPS, Diploma in Gynae and Obstetrics | Lahore

Thanks you can take primolut -n 5 mg twice daily for five days nd wait for one week for periods to come


Shifa Nazir

Is it safe to start primolut from today? I mean what are the chances that I am pregnant but took the blood test too early to detect HCG?

I don't want to conceive but I am just concerned that if it's too early to detect hcg and start primolut or is it safe?

1 month ago

Dr. Parveen Zain
Dr. Parveen Zain - Gynecologist

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Bhcg detected in the blood sometime even before missed period it is so specific nd should be there after seven days of missed periods nd there is no harm if you take primolut the period will come if you are not pregnant nd viseversa

1 month ago


MBBS, DGO, DOWH | Karachi

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Wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
-Dear in my opinion if beta hcg is negative then u can have tab primolute N 10 mgs 8 hrly for 5-7 days and wait for periods for 2 wks.
-if u are over due for periods and beta hcg negative than can have medications.
-best of luck.


MBBS, MCPS, MRCP (obs gynae), Ireland, BOSS (instructor), ALSO (instructor) | Lahore

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5 mg TDS for 7 days , but better to wait for another few days , repeat ur pregnancy test , if still negative , then take primulut n for withdrawal bleeding


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First rule out pregnancy to b on the safe side...repeat ur serum bHCG...if again negative then u can use tab gynacosid 2 tabs orally 12 hours apart...all these progesterones wont affect ur pregnancy in case u r pregnant -in sha Allah...
Good luck

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