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Um 27 primigravida at 39+4 weeks.. my height is 5.1 feet etimated fetal weight is 3.56kg.. my dr did sweepening 2 days ago but still there are no pains.. n she said head is high. Vertex is at -3 She asked me to decide if i want to go for c section or wait for another week for spontaneous labor or even induction.. My concerns are... with estimated 3.56kg weight n this height is it fruitful to wait for one more week or should i opt for c section in a couple of days ??? P.s no hypertension or diabetes.. liqour adequate. Normal fetal movements



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You can wait for a week


MBBS, FCPS, Diploma in Gynae and Obstetrics | Lahore

Thanks i think it is better to have cs if the head is above-3 nd baby weight is 3.5 kg you didn’t mention about pelvis you can have TOL nd em cs if needed


MBBS, DGO, DOWH | Karachi

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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
-Dear if pelvic assessment done and it's Normal, baby weight not Moore then 3.7 and u have Normal height not small then it's better to have wait for a week BUT FETAL MOVEMENTS SHOULD BE NORMAL IF OBSERVE LESS REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO TREATING CONSULTANT.
-have balanced diet, daily walk for 40 mins to make things favorable.
-complete treatment for any health issue u have.
-as I have no detailed idea about your previous history and regarding presenting ongoing Pregnancy so it's better to discuss symmptoms in detail with your obstetrician.
-best of luck.

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