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Hello im 25 years age and 5 months married, i have PCOS from last three years from (2016).I was on glucophage and Diane 35 and myofolic sachets for 3 months before marriage and my cysts have gone away But after 2 month i again started feeling pain during peroids and after scan i was told that my Cysts were backā€¦ i have a retroverted uterus and i consulted a doctor and she said im having endometriosis as i have my peroids missed for a month i was really shocked and depressed And doctor ask for a open surgery to remove the cyst I was so afraid Then i had my Hormones test and ( FSH 9.2 at luteal phase) ( LH 33.4) (serum prolectin 22.4 ) , my TSH test are normal and consulted an other doctor who told that i was having only 4 cm cyst in my both overies and nothing to do with ENDO Im having Brotin Bromocriptine 2.5 mg and Danzen ds serratiopeptidase i want to get pregnant im having normal periods cycle except last 2 months when my peroids were missed. Please give me a good piece of advise


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation .
- Dear I have seen your reports u have hormonal disorders that can affect fertkity and Endometrioma also need to treat or remove .
- Fsh and lh mildly high as well.
- try to have strict control in hormonal Imbalance by adjusting doses Recurrently on response of change in hormonal levels by ur treating Endocrinologist .
- have folic acid 5 mgs daily .
- have sex in fertile period if Cycle .
- have complete Treatment of any medical issue u have .
-send me scan or MRI that showed Endonetrioma .
- have strict control in diet have less salt ,suger ,oil and spice.
- have daily walk ,Exercise and yoga to have balanced Bmi and weight.
- try to have frequent consultation with your endocrinologist to have normal prolectin level.
- U have options of having hormonal Treatment balance every things and it will take time and then try for Conception .
- for now have sexin fertile period and balance all hormones .
- have serum beta hcg to check your Pregnancy status if negative then have Menstral induction if menses over due ( tab primolute N 10 mgs twce daily for 5 days and wait for bleeding for 1-2 Wis )
- from day 4 of periods Take tab norethisterone 5 mgs twice daily till day 26 for this coming cycle only and then in next cycle try for conception in fertile period .
- send me scan or Mri report .
- I hope things would be better .



shahana awan

Helo dear r u still taking treatment from doctor amber jalil ?