I am 6 weeks pregnant second time. 6 months ago i went through missed miscarriage. This time one week ago I went through ultrasound. The sac size was 6 weeks when i was only 5 weeks pregnant nearly 1.11 cm. Doctor put me on folic acid tablets along with dupbaston 2 times a day. Now after 8 days i feeling like my breast sweling and pain is reducing. I am so much worried. I donot want to go through miscarriage again. I want to ask what you I do to save my preganncy. Should I ask doctor to start hcg 5000 injections for safety on pregnnacy? Please advice me.


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also add tab loprin 75mg once daily...inj claxane 40mg subcutanneous daily once heart beat is positive on scan


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-wellcome and Thanks for prefering Marham.
- Dear its not Complete description for Your Quary .Many important points Missing .your menstrual history medical and drug history ,recent investigatiins and scan was needed .
- sometimes their is dates descrepency between scan dates and periods dates due to irregular periods then we calculate dates preferabiky by scan so no worry .
- be positive ,dont get stress or Anxiety .
- Continue folic acid and duphaston as advised .
- avoid stairs ,weight lifting ,penetrative Sex ,over exersion .better to have rest these days just necessary house hold with gentle activities .
- have strictvcheck and control of all heakth issues u gave like thyroid ,diabetes should be nirmal.
- have healthy diet but restricted activities .
- keep check of symmptoms like pain ,bleefong and if observe report treating doctor in tertiary care hospital.
- hcg injections for establishing pregnancy in start usually but now better have duphaston.
- have better rest and avoid stressfull avtivities.
- if gets any spotting report here or ur treating doctor .
- best of Luck.


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Yes sure inj Hcg is another line of treatment. It should be startedDr Sobia Nawaz 


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First repeat ultrasound to see if heart beat is there. Keep taking folic acid. If heartbeat is not there then you may discuss with your doctor. Its role is not very well established in such a scenario