Pregnancy Headache

Its my 17th week and my bp is normal but im having continous headache in whole head What can be reason?? What should i do abt it? My eyes hurt too


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-wellcome ad thanks for preffering Marham
-Dear hormonal changes affect whole body physiology those give symptoms.
- high blood pressure, abnormalsuger levels, nausea, vormitibgs, dehydration, long standing, poor Diet, low heaemoglobin all can give headache.
-so it's better to check recurrently blood pressure, hydrate your self well, short frequent meals, suger levels to be chec if hradache or weakness,.
-have one Eyesight chec as well.
-Urine protein with borderline blood pressure wit headache also not good that need to be sorted out from late 2nd trimester.
I hope u got my point.
Best of luck