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I have been married for 2 years. I had my first miscarriage at 20 weeks when there was no heartbeat found. Delivered and a d and c followed. Second pregnancy was after 6 months and again no heartbeat at 8weeks 2 days so had another d and c. After 10 months gap i have again conceived. I got my first positive at cycle day 33 through a home test but it was faint. On day 35 i called the doctor and she asked for beta hcg whose value came out at 89.6 which she said is a weak pregnancy. Test repeated after 48 hours and the value was 95.6 only. She said to have another test after 48hours. My concern and question is, is there hope? All i know is the value must double to call it a viable pregnancy, so is it a failing pregnancy going towards my 3rd miscarriage or should i cling on to some hope? By the way, i have had all sorts of tests done after the second miscarriage and all came out clear except that i have polycystic ovaries diagnosed 3 months after my first loss. Thanks in advance.

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No doctor to answer???



Asma Salman

Let me get an answer for you.

5 years ago

Gynecologist in Lahore - Dr. Qurat Ul Ain

its a worrying situation as its not rising well, you must seek proper priscription when your test comes positive, there are many methods to augment weak pregnancy !


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I have been given cyclogest 400mg pessary for every night. Are there any known cases where the pregnancy picks up after such low hcg rise?
Thanks a lot for your response btw

5 years ago

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