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I feel like my body is full of stress even after trying anti depressants. My testosterone levels are low and at one time they were nearing 200. My reaction to stressful situations is pathetic. Anyone can walk all over me. My sleep pattern is pathetic. I cant sleep easily despite being sleepy. i daily wake up tired. I cant lose belly fat despite exercise. I cant do strength exercise as it further increases my weaknesses next morning. I cant build muscle. My LDL cholestrol level is high and vitamin D level is low. My thyriod is fine as my tests were clear. I am unsure which doctor to visit. Is this case of endocrinologist ? my depression symptoms are gone but its just constant state of stress and over thinking which is causing problems in life. i dont want to go back to anti depressants (Zoloft and Paraxyl) as that is temporary solution and i have already tried it after consulting various psychiatrists.



Plz visit Dr khan in person ,can guide you better after full examination
If u want I can book Dr khan appointment for you at farooq hospital west wood lahore


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this question was meant for the doctors not for his time keepers.

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Dear u need multidisciplinary approach team....u need consultant physician and psychiatrist to get rid of all ur problems with a good nutritionist that will help u in reducing ur belly fat with healthy diet plan ....