Hi, I am looking for a hospital that can provide best treatment to one of my family members suffering from cardiology. Could you please assist me in choosing the best hospital within Pakistan. Thanks


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Well it all depends on what exactly you are looking for, what sort of heart disease we are talking about and where is the patient based.


A Gul

AOA I am searching for a cardiologist in Lahore for my father-in-law who is suffering from high cholestrol level some 5 months before. He was referred to PIC, Lahore after his preliminary tests in Nawaz shareef Hospital, where he was diagnosed with high cholestrol, but for routine public consultation, it was really cumbersome to get few minutes of a cardiologist after waiting for a whole day, which is really difficut for a cardiac patient. In short we consulted a cardiologist in private (at same place i.e. PIC) who prescribed cardiac scan (Nuclear medicine study), and its report shows moderate level of blockage. The same doctor prescribed angiography. Now we want to have a second opinion before undergoing this test. Moreover to get an appointment for angiography in PIC is also very difficult. Can anyone please guide us in this matter (solution in low cost is required please.)