Kidney Problem

my fathers creatinine level is increasing its 4.10 ... how can we reduce it and avoid dialysis?


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Walekum salam
Need some more info..whether he is diabetic?
Using pain killer medicines?
Wat medicines he is taking currently?
Wat was time wen u first came to know kidney problem?
Is he suffering from stones?
Is he having diarhea?
Is he having urinary problems?
Nd sme questions which i need to know then i can answer ur question..


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he has high blood pressure and the prob is since 042-32591427,

10 months ago


u must give me detail history do ur father have Diabetes , Hypertension thenĀ  can inform u abt future plan


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he has High blood pressure..and the kidney prob is since 042-32591427,

10 months ago


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The problems that are responsible for kidney failure also predict how soon
kidneys will deteriorate.
Usually the diseases need to be controlled and remedies can often be
applied to reverse kidney failure.