Kindney Poor Function

AOA, this is my detail question with reports also, My mother left kidney is only working 14% due to stones and blockage and also in small size, some doctors told me that remove the kidney and not go for PCNL or URS, what should i do? 1. Go for PCNL 2. Remove Kidney Regards


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Walekum salam. Reports attached are showing non functional lt kidney.. Nd
if obstruction is relived thr will be no benift.. So i dnt thnk urs or ny
urological intervention related salvaging kidney function will help much..
What is latest creatnine and urine c/e.. If urine is having infection and
patient is having fever so one can consider removing kidney surgically..
Otherwise continue rtine followup with creatinine and urine exam every 3
monthly basis.


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If the left kidneys causing pain or recurrent infections
Get nephrectomy done