Multiple Cysts In Both Kidney & High Blood Pressure


I have multiple cysts in both kidney. The same was diagnose in 2007. my blood pressure is also high which normally 150/100. I m taking easy day & co_easy day of 50mg daily.

Dr. Shafiq Cheema - Nephrologist


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BP is usually difficult to control in patients with polycystic kidneys. Please cut down in salt, do regular exceecise, check RFT and see a competent nephrologist so that he can adjust your meds.


1. Control blood pressure
2. Restrict salt intake (no added salt)
3. Serum creatinine
4. urine Complete examination
5. Consult Nephrologist

Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal - Nephrologist

MBBS,MRCP Nephrology-SCE (UK),FCPS (Nephrology), MISN, MPSN | Lahore

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Please share your ultrasound report and does any one in your family has such issue

Drugs that you are using are good theoretically
But they need amplification
Restrict salt
Restrict meat especially organ meat

Get tests
S/URIC acid

Acidity in this disease may lead to stones in cysts
Along with that you need to examined for associated heart problem and any history of unexplained headaches


Shakra Mehak

AOA Sir, I am 24 years female, diagnosed PKD in sep 042-32591427, . My Kidney functions and BP are normal but i have back and sides pain most of the times. My left kidney has multiple cysts with organ enlarge than regular and right kidney has 2 cysts the largst one is 3mm in left and 5mm in right. I am much worried about my condition because i have stress problem and lost 2 kg weight. My height is 5.6 and weight is 51Kg. I am not taking red meat at all and and other precautions. But still that dull pain and stress is killing me as i am unmarried. Every consultant told me that are no permanent cure for PKD. Sometimes I felt disable as i could not eat and that frequent urination problem is much embracing.

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