Pain In Kidneys!

I am having very light pain (it comes and goes) in Kidneys (I think kidneys as its below rip cage and its on either side). I have consulted a urologist and he asked me to have CT pyelogram scan and also Creatinine, uric acid, urea test done and according to test, both scan and blood test are normal. I am also urinating alot lately. I am a high blood pressure patient so I am really worried. I don't want my kidneys to fail. Please tell me what to do. I reside in Karachi.



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It seems like your kidney functions are so inshallah they will not fail. Just follow up with a good Nephrologist there. Don’t worry.


As you have high blood pressure, you should be vigilant about your kidneys. Avoid pain killers, decrease your salt intake and avoid cold drinks. You should have 6 monthly check up including blood presfure control and labs including urine examination and serum creatinine.