Transplant Dysfunction

My family has kidney disease history. My brother and sister expired due to renal failure. I also had renal failure 5 years ago after delivery of my son then i got renal transplant but now it has also stopped functioning. Biopsy report show global glomerulosclrosis. But the actual reason of kidney failure is still unknown. my doctor said Perhaps it might be due to primary hyperoxaluria but the oxalate level in my blood is in its normal range according to oxalate test in blood. Kindly help me in this regard. I havr no family member which can donate his kidney. Then what will be final solution for me.



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Very complicated and rare entity perhaps, may have genetic origin so must review all data in detail before can give opinion.
Dr cheema.


If u 've primary htperoxaluria u 'll not have benefit of renal transplant
alone.u need to have liver transplant as u have h/o renal stones


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yes i had renal stone in my childhood. my previous biopsy shows oxalate crystals in kidneys. but my blood oxalate and urine oxalate levels are normal. we are unable to predict the actual cause of renal failure. what is actual test required to test primary hyperoxaluria.

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If u 've family h/o primary hyperoxaluria u need both renal n liver
transplant do u 've h/o renal stones


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