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Severe pain in lower back on both right and left side. Hurts even more when breath. Unable to eat literally anything. Have not eaten anything properly for 3 days. Went to emergency they gave toraddol injection the pain got a little better and then was at peak again. The doctor prescribed tonaflex. Took it and the pain was lessen for an hour and back again. Please suggest anything.


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the pain that you are describing looks like muscle spasm. You can try tab nuberol forte. if that doesn't work then tab movax 2 mg can be tried. ideally you should see a neurologist if no reasonable relief in a couple of days.


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Have taken movex but no effect.
Alergic to nuberol forte

1 month ago

Dr. Wajid Jawaid
Dr. Wajid Jawaid - Neurologist

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review-img 11 Positive Reviews

ok you can take tab Synflex 550 mg together with tonoflex. both together will benefit inshaAllah. rest for a couple of days

1 month ago

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