I am suffering from severe headache from last 5 years. I consulted physicians, eye specialists and neurologist also. I had my CT Scan and PNS X-Ray also. Had alot of medications but nothing is of any worth. I am still having severe headache attacks with the gap of 3,4 or 7 days. Sometimes its bearable and sometimes it gets severe that i started feeling pain in my neck and shoulders.


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It looks to be migrain. for migrain take tab zomig 2.5 mg every 2 hours maximum of 3 tabs in one day along with tan stemetil 5 mg max of 3 tabs 8 hourly in one day. you can also have inj dicloran 75mg intramuscular. all the above is for one time relief of pain. for prevention take tabd sensival 25 mg daily at bed time for next 1 week and increase to 2 tabs per night for next 4 weeks and give me the feed back.
Prof M R Abid Butt


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i hv taken some of these tablts. I experienced dizziness and fatigue all the day. As am ateacher by profession its not possible for me to take such medicines. So i quit my treatment.
Now i just take Relaxin3mg 3 tblts at a time in critical and unbearable pain.
Please suggest an effective painkiller not a sedative.

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Please come and see me
I have treated lots of patients like you
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For now take cap. Luner 5 mg twice a day and cap. Dulan 30 mg after dinner. You can see me with all your investigations when feasible.

Dr. Shahid Mukhtar
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