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I am facing the problem of headache since 4 yrs .I consult to many doctors but they hv different opinion. Almost all reports are clear which include the MRI. This badly effect my studies and I can't concentrate on any thing.


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headache with normal investigations usually mean a 'primary headache', examples of which include migraine, tension type headache, cluster headache etc. The most important thing in making correct diagnosis is a detailed and yet focussed history. You mentioned seeing many doctors; were these doctors Neurologists? it's a Neurologist that you need to see. you will find some top Neurologists in your city Islamabad


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yes they are neurologists


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if you are in Karachi contact Farhan on 042-32591427, we expertisein headaches


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No sir I am in Islamabd

1 month ago


Hina Ahsan

Assalam o alikum ma 28 years k hoo
Mujhy 2 mah sa right side py sar per pressure feel hota hai ankh dant aur half face sun ho jata ..Dard nai hai per sunn aur khichao lagta hai

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