Numbness On Left Side

My father was Admitted in a private hospital for 2 days (due to Faalij symptoms) under a renowned General physician but not fully recovered. He still has numbness on his left side (past 1 month). He complain pressure on his left arm and leg also complain stifness on back and his left side like something grabs him. I then consult his condition to Dr salman shareef he advice for MRI brain (it is pertinent to mention that he had a bypass surgery in 2015(nov-dec). Kindly Guide


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I think more information is needed
. How long these symptoms been there when did he developed stroke? Are these symptoms are legacy of stroke ? How was stroke diagnosed had he any ct/mri at time of diagnosis if so any abnormally to explain symptoms? Any weakness apart from sensory loss any coordination issues? Risk factors for CVA ? What is he taking to address them like hypertension diabetes lipid abnormality etc his current medication regimen etc
DR Kashif Ahmad
Consultant family physician