Disc Herniation


On 30nth April I was suffering from sever back and leg pain, after a day the pain was gone by taking some pain killers.. but day after tomorrow my thighs ...shin heel became numb .. And after MRI of lumbar sacral region and as per neurosurgeon Diogenes I have an problem in l5 s1 ..in which disc is herniated..he suggested me a surgery in first visit.. and a injection called epidural steroid injection ... I am scared from surgery and from this injection by reading of its risks from different internet channels ...


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Well if you go on internet and search for food issues you might die of Hunger. The decision to intervene in clinical means must be assessed and Risks and benefits are to be weighed. There are side effects of every procedure but if a qualified and skilled person performs the procedure the incidence of complications is very low. But the final decision depends on the patient himself.


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Asalamoalekum! Brother May Allah give you sound health Ameen. The ultimate treatment of this condition is surgery but we can wait for sometime and start proper medicines to settle the pain and numbness and try to avoid surgery as much as possible. Kindly send me an email on salmandk13@gmail.com for medicine prescription and guidance. Thanks


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If you are having numbness of shin and ankle that is indication of surgery.come out of your fear and plan urgent surgery. Its v safe procedure nd in experienced hands of neurosurgeon very gd resultd 96% plus success rate.


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For disc herniation the major decision to operate or otherwise is by combination if different features. they include degree of pain, associated weakness or numbness, problem in controlling urine, and some examination findings that a doctor may see. some times surgery is the only option, or there are other ways to treat like medicines physiotherapy etc. all depends on your condition. if you are not able to make up your mind then take a second opinion.


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